Weight: 50 lbs

Height: 23 in

Reagan is a big lovebug, always has to be the center of attention and in the middle of it all. She's extremely people friendly and knows no strangers. One of the most laid back of all the crew. She loves to play but would rather spend her days lounging in her favorite chair watching television.



Weight: 50 lbs

Height: 24 in

Frankie is a fun loving girl. She's very affectionate and loves to please. Her mild temperment makes her super easy to be around. Her pups have always been top choice for service dogs because of their quick wit when learning new things.



Weight: 60 lbs

Height: 24 in

Avery is a lovebug. She's very smart and athletic and loves a game of fetch. She's a very good listener and loves to follow us around wherever we go. This girl is the sweetest. She loves to lay near me and lay her head in my lap.

"Zander"  (Retired)


Weight: 60 lbs

Height: 25 in

Zander is a big goofball with a lot of love. He'll do anything if you tell him too. He loves to go on adventures and trying new things (except new foods from). He's insanely smart and knows an arsenal of commands and tricks and will do them all at once for a treat.  He loves to run and play games but is just as content snoozing away the day.

He is now retired from breeding.


Standard Poodle

Weight: 48 lbs

Height: 26 in

Leroy is an incredibly smart guy with a charming sense of humor. He's a thinker and always problem solving to figure out how things work. He's definitely a mommas boy whos a pleasure to have around the house.

The Girls

"Sydney" (Retired)


Weight: 40 lbs

Height: 20 in

Sydney is a spunky go getter whos always the first to everything. She's the leader and keeps a watchful eye out for her entire family. Super smart and learns new things quickly. She loves to go out on adventures. Hiking, camping, car rides and long strolls down the beach.

The Boys