Weight: 68 lbs

Height: 24 in

Avery is a lovebug. She's very smart and ultra sweet. Her favorite game is fetch if she isn't cozy on the inside laying around the house.  She's a very good listener and loves to follow us around wherever we go. This girl is the sweetest. She loves to lay near me and lay her head in my lap. She has the sweetest puppies ever.

"Frankie"  Retired 2021


Weight: 50 lbs

Height: 24 in

Frankie is a fun loving girl. She's very affectionate and loves to please. Her mild temperment makes her super easy to be around. Her pups have always been top choice for service dogs because of their quick wit when learning new things.

Shes enjoying her time as a retired momma now right here at home!


Standard Poodle

Weight: 60 lbs

Height: 27 in

Denzel is an incredibly smart guy who is so so sweet. He's a thinker and always problem solving to figure out how things work. He's definitely a house favorite and doesn't know a stranger. Often times this goofball can be found snoozing away on the bathroom floor all afternoon. He gravitates toward tiny humans and follows them around the house, hopefully waiting for that free cookie or snack to drop. 

Denzel is an AKC registered Poodle.

Our Furry Family!



Weight: 50 lbs

Height: 23 in

Reagan is a big lovebug, always has to be the center of attention and in the middle of it all. She's extremely people friendly and knows no strangers. One of the most laid back of all the crew. She loves to play but would rather spend her days lounging in her favorite chair watching television.



Weight: 46 lbs

Height: 23 in

Sweet-pea is just that sweet as can be! She loves the outdoors and if theres a party shes all in. Shes the kinda whos the quiet party animal that know one would of guessed. She is very much a dogs dog, if you know what I mean. Denzel and Her are the bestest of friends and are near inseparable in anything they do. Wherever he goes she is sure to follow.



Weight: 63 lbs

Height: 25 in

Roux is the biggest lovesponge you'd ever meet. She's attached at the hip and always wants to be as close as she can be to her humans. She is a very laid back girl who would love to sit and watch netflix all day instead playing outside. 



Weight: 50 lbs

Height: 22 in

Monroe the adventure dog! She loves the water in every way. She jumps into the pool to swim with her human any chance she can. She also loves to go out on the boat to go fishing just like her humans. She is a social butterfly with everyone she meets. She's one of the smartest dogs here and will figure out just about any puzzle she is presented with. She is a very athletic girl outside but is a laid back couch potato inside.