About Us.

Here at Teddybear-Doodles we strive to breed high quaility dogs that will be lifelong companions. We genetically test and health screen all our breeding dogs and are able to produce top quailty healthy puppies for selected families. 

Frankie / 50 pounds

Leroy / 50 lbs.

 These pups are gonna be absolutely amazing. They are F1B second generation Goldendoodle. These pups will be in the  50 / 60  pound range. Will come in shades of cream to apricot much like the Golden Retriever colors.  Super Social, smart and just great family dogs. It's never too soon to get on the waiting list with a small non-refundable deposit that is good for upto one year from the date placed. If you're ready to add an amazing new furry family member to your family just send an email and let me know and we would be more then happy to help you. 

The puppies are amazing

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Avery 68 Lbs

Leroy is the papa


Bailee 45lbs. 


To check availability you can reach us at our email Teddybeardoods@gmail.com

503.369.4029 call or text is fine

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Reagan 50 lbs

Reagan and Leroy have beautiful pippies with a couple of spots open for someone looking for a more laid back family dog. Momma has the old soul temperment that is excellent for the over 50 club. She loves the relaxing lifestyle more so then any of our dogs. Leroy is the papa to all of our puppies.

We will have a new litter of puppies late winter.

Give me a call to get placed on the list. We don't take deposits until we get closer 

to puppies arrival. 



The Goldendoodle (F1B) Puppies  are just beautiful and everything you could ask for in a new family member. The  puppies are F1B, second generation, English lines from health tested parents. Give me a call to answer any questions you may have or to be placed on the list. I'm alway happy to chat about my dogs.